The Purpose

Portraits For Purpose is a charity auction established to increase awareness for modern painting and its functionality and benefit charities making a difference around the world. The event will feature a silent auction of original paintings of iconic figures by New York City artist Tyler Loftis. Using the image and influence of these subjects, Portraits for Purpose will showcase the impact art can have on a community, big or small, while bringing awareness to the art and functional application of painting. 

Portraits For Purpose is honored to partner with several leading charities including Help USAStreet Soccer USAThe Heart FundWellness in the Schools and the Jonas Salk Legacy Foundation. 100% of the proceeds from each painting will be donated to the subject's charity of choice.

We welcome you to join us at the inaugural event of this annual charitable initiative on November 14, 2018, at the Bowery Hotel. All paintings will also be available for auction via online auction platform Paddle8, with the auction opening on November 1 and lasting through November 14.

You can view and bid on the portraits at


The Process

Portraits For Purpose will feature portraits of eight iconic New York City figures, all of whom serve as significant leaders in their respective industries. Each sitter was invited to join Tyler in his studio in lower Manhattan, where, over the course of multiple sessions, he meticulously painted the sitter in his unique style. 

Subjects like the late Muhammad Ali who were unable to join Tyler in the studio had their portraits painted from a private, never-before-seen photo, shared exclusively with Tyler by the subjects or their families.

Sitters were also asked to select a charity of significance to them that would benefit from the sale of their painting. Upon completion of the event and online auction on November 14, 2018, 100% of the proceeds from the sale of each painting will go directly to the respective sitter's charity of choice. 

The Portraits




Fashion Designer






Iron Chef and TV Host


Artist, Writer




Fashion Designer

online auction of artwork starts November 1st

online auction of artwork starts November 1st


The Painter

New York City-based painter Tyler Loftis has trained at the New York Studio School and the New York Academy of Art. Tyler extensively studied with iconic 20th century artists putting him in direct connection with an unbroken line of European artists. He also has traveled at length throughout Europe studying the old masters. This exposure and learning gave birth to Tyler's unique painting style. Rooted in meticulous observation of how the subject matter interacts with the surrounding space, Tyler paints slowly and deliberately, with large works often taking months, sometimes years, to complete. 

Originally from Michigan, Tyler is the founder of The Fire Barn Gallery in Grand Haven, Michigan, and the creator of All Art Works, a traveling curated show that showcases art by artists of all experience levels. Tyler has spent his career helping artists in the Midwest show and sell their artwork and is passionate about bringing art to the forefront of culture in art deserts throughout the United States by highlighting local talent and the functional and cultural impact art can have in these communities. To see Tyler's work, visit